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  1. Hooyaah 45wk 3d ago

    "They came to her final resting spot on that winter's day, the last cold, dark, misty occasion just before spring arrived. Whilst laying flowers of many bright cheery colors in her memory's sake, it began to drizzle, kissing the bright petals and adorning them with glistening silver pearls. She was now where they could harm her no longer at such a place where there would only e'er truth be. Her time in Hell was over at last. Her friends were few, yet true, in all verity; she had left the others who were undeserving of such a designation behind in a ghastly Hell of their own manufacture. The finality of the faithful yet remained to possess the knowledge of what had transpired and hold such facts forever in their keep. History will always and stubbornly remain, though some ones do attempt to destroy and replace it with canards found to be more convenient. Yet lies cannot stand, for they are nothing but the lack of truth. Truth shall reveal itself in time and never at the convenience of they who have chosen to deceive." - Hooyaah

  2. UberDog 45wk 3d ago

  3. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 0d ago

    spoiled sport oh, speaking of sports

    friendship games anyone?

  4. UberDog 46wk 0d ago

    Posting those things here is tolerable but not in my Guestbook please!

  5. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 0d ago

    but but sea ponies rule! besides those are old school sea ponies! wait, why the sea and not ocean ponies... now that I think about it, that doesn't sound as fluffy as sea, never mind.

  6. UberDog 46wk 0d ago

    Please for the love of all things sacred do not post those damn SEA PONIES!

  7. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 0d ago

    sea pony in a floatie, another argument invalid!

  8. UberDog 46wk 0d ago


    Barf Barf Barf

  9. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 1d ago

    mic drop


  10. UberDog 46wk 1d ago

  11. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 3d ago

    and in other news, bunny island!

    the Apocalypse has begun! *rubs paws together*

  12. UberDog 46wk 3d ago

    *equips myself with an athletic cup*

  13. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 4d ago

    in a nut shell!

  14. UberDog 46wk 4d ago

  15. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 5d ago,-Halloween-party-food,-bug-.jpg

  16. UberDog 46wk 5d ago

    Sorry my bad. I forgot. *hangs head in shame*

  17. angelxxuan Banned Member 46wk 6d ago

    no way I'm a Lieutenant so there :P

  18. UberDog 47wk 0d ago

    Well he is a General after are just a Private.

  19. angelxxuan Banned Member 47wk 1d ago

    sometimes ointment is a good thing

    dang General Lee got it better than I do! look at that giant dish! and what a plantation!

  20. UberDog 47wk 2d ago

    I never put "ointment" on my beaver...Never!

  21. angelxxuan Banned Member 47wk 3d ago

    you know pup they got an ointment for that....

  22. UberDog 47wk 3d ago

    Do Not Click!

  23. angelxxuan Banned Member 47wk 3d ago

    it will always be all about the bubbles!

    are we coming in loud and clear?

  24. UberDog 47wk 3d ago

    It's all about the Bubbles!

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