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  1. UberDog 15h 23m ago

    What the hell has happened to all the Groups?!?!?

  2. angelxxuan 1wk 4d ago

  3. UberDog 1wk 5d ago

  4. angelxxuan 1wk 5d ago

  5. UberDog 1wk 6d ago

  6. angelxxuan 2wk 0d ago

  7. UberDog 2wk 1d ago

  8. angelxxuan 2wk 6d ago

  9. UberDog 2wk 6d ago

  10. angelxxuan 3wk 0d ago

  11. UberDog 3wk 0d ago

  12. angelxxuan 3wk 1d ago

  13. UberDog 3wk 1d ago

  14. angelxxuan 3wk 3d ago

  15. UberDog 3wk 3d ago

  16. angelxxuan 3wk 4d ago

  17. UberDog 3wk 4d ago

  18. angelxxuan 3wk 5d ago

  19. UberDog 3wk 5d ago

  20. angelxxuan 3wk 6d ago


    oh Ein

  21. UberDog 3wk 6d ago

  22. angelxxuan 4wk 0d ago

  23. UberDog 4wk 1d ago


  24. angelxxuan 4wk 2d ago

    to start things off the cake:

    have to have clothes:

    baby's first toy:

    the bib:

    then there must be baby expected to be pictures and props to the mother:

    hope that pretty much covers the major important things?

    oh wait:

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