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  1. UberDog 2h 58m ago


  2. angelxxuan 5h 31m ago

  3. UberDog 1d 0h ago

  4. angelxxuan 1d 5h ago

  5. UberDog 2d 4h ago

  6. angelxxuan 2d 5h ago

    and just how many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

  7. UberDog 2d 5h ago

    TEA !

  8. angelxxuan 3d 5h ago

  9. UberDog 3d 8h ago

    Next they will try and I emphasis "TRY" to get Rupert Murdoch...but in the end they will just fail.

    All Hail Lord King Emperor Murdoch!

    Hail! Hail! Hail!

  10. angelxxuan 4d 4h ago

    who's next? since Anderson makes millions maybe that might help CNN some...

  11. UberDog 4d 8h ago

    V FOAB !

  12. Hooyaah 4d 22h ago

    North Korea: WARNING

    That is all.

  13. UberDog 5d 3h ago

  14. angelxxuan 6d 5h ago

  15. UberDog 1wk 2d ago

  16. angelxxuan 1wk 2d ago

  17. UberDog 1wk 3d ago

  18. angelxxuan 1wk 3d ago

  19. UberDog 1wk 4d ago

  20. angelxxuan 1wk 5d ago

    irony: being trapped in the same scene on two of the main quest stories. but hey at least I got rise of iron to play in still, I should work with house of wolves again since I do have my flaming Thor hammer now and my armor is super shinny so go Sunbreaker!

  21. UberDog 1wk 5d ago

    Game Over?

  22. angelxxuan 1wk 6d ago

    yay I'll be there...eventually... The Taken King is well, taking forever! maybe that was the underlining point behind naming it that?

  23. UberDog 1wk 6d ago

    Face your Destiny...

  24. angelxxuan 1wk 6d ago

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