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  1. UberDog 7wk 2d ago

    Amen Brother. R.I.P. Frank

  2. Hooyaah 7wk 2d ago

  3. UberDog 10wk 0d ago

    I believe we have picked up a SPAMMERS-Delight supporter in the SB... and he thinks this place is rather kool. =^.^=

  4. Hooyaah 10wk 1d ago

    Doggy, I believe that you frightened the widdle bunny away.

  5. UberDog 11wk 2d ago

  6. Hooyaah 11wk 3d ago

  7. UberDog 12wk 2d ago

    Bunny! I would only nibble on you. Please don't move.

  8. angelxxuan 12wk 2d ago

    you a minority, what about me, I'm also a snack! so I'm moving to bunny island we're safe there!

  9. UberDog 12wk 2d ago

    I truly hate being a minority.

  10. Hooyaah 12wk 3d ago

    These maps seem to have somewhat of a correlation. Hmmm.

  11. angelxxuan 12wk 3d ago

    T and A overload! *faints*

  12. UberDog 12wk 3d ago

    Paybacks are hell.

  13. Hooyaah 12wk 4d ago

    Once upon a time, when Kilo-niner was just a little nipper.

  14. angelxxuan 12wk 4d ago

    so, apparently Japan took a different take on the MLP life, a bit of ecchi, but the similarities are quite clear, we got the leader, the quiet one, the fighter, the eater... wow I'm impressed Japan and MLP, talk about a culture jump!

  15. UberDog 12wk 4d ago

    SUMMER TIME IS UPON US FOLKS ! Dust off your Hula Skirts and break out the Pina Coladas !

  16. Hooyaah 12wk 5d ago

  17. angelxxuan 13wk 0d ago

  18. UberDog 13wk 0d ago

    To be perfectly frank, we've surveyed
    over three hundred worlds and no one's
    ever reported a creature which, using
    your words...
    (read from Ripley's
    ...'gestates in a living human host'
    and has 'concentrated molecular acid
    for blood.'

    Ripley: These people are here to protect you. They're soldiers.

    Newt: It won't make any difference.

  19. angelxxuan 13wk 1d ago

  20. UberDog 13wk 1d ago

  21. angelxxuan 13wk 2d ago

  22. UberDog 13wk 2d ago

  23. angelxxuan 13wk 3d ago

  24. UberDog 13wk 3d ago

    I surrender and bow to your ultimate comeback.

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